NEXMOW M1 is first announced in GIE EXPO 2021. It is wire-free autonomous mower, designed by new startup, URSROBOT Inc.
NEXMOW M1 offers landscaping industry a new energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, time-saving, labor-saving and cost-effective solution for lawn maintenance. M1 features a swappable six-hour run-time battery, enabling day and night mowing. Its “Drop, Mow and Go” concept, provides a wire-free, virtual boundary lines allow for unlimited work zones. Multiple robots can work in fleets to mow large terrain to less run-time. Its premium mapping technology precisely defines the most efficient route and mows it reliably, so landscapers can spend less time mowing and more time on other things, such as growing their business.
“At its core, the landscape industry is a service business. We cater to the needs of people and nature, which is an ongoing need, with technology and knowledge”, said Stephen Chen, CEO of URSROBOT. “We are very optimistic about the pivots that create opportunities. Clean energy, robotics and business models are changing to overcome challenges and ultimately strengthen our industry. Education and collaboration will bind our community, leading to new ways to serve and deliver on key landscaping solutions.”
Autonomous robot lawnmower can be the new working model of landscaping industry. Let’s start drop, mow, and go!
NEXMOW M1 live demo in GIE+EXPO, many dealers and landscapers show interests of collaboration.