SuperMow M680 Product Annoucement。DSI Director - Calvin Tsai, CEO of URSRobot - Stephen Chen, IDB Director - JS Lin, TAIROA Vice Chairman - F.C. Tsai

SuperMow M680, the intelligent digital fence robotic lawn mower, which developed by Taiwan startup, URSrobot Inc. has announced on Aug-6th. The advanced technologies showed in M680 includes: digital fense positioning technology, dynamic obstacle avoidance, cloud AI path planning, and fleet operation draw Taiwan service robot industry attention. URSrobot also announced SuperMow M680 was selling start in Taiwan at the same time.

Actually, robotic lawn mowers are not widely known in Taiwan. The main reason is limited to the broken terrain of many mountains. Doesn't like North America, which has a large area of plain terrain, the maintenance of turf is very important in national wide. Every state has related regulations and landscaping industry has widely developed for a long time. The lawn maintenance of household has driven the development of various weeding equipment, like lawn mowers; The new announced "Smart Robotic Lawn Mower, SuperMow M680" can not only maintain the grass in households, but also to expand to parks, public green spaces, hotels, B&Bs, restaurants and many other fields. Target customers are like hotels, restaurants, government, landscaping companies, contractors, and home owners with exquisite lawns. You can enjoy the high-quality lawn easily with M680.

Taiwan design and development, wish to "Let Service Robot be Part of Your Life"

Stephen Chen, CEO of URSrobot says, our team members have well-experience in both service robots and consumer electronics industry. Our vision is "Let service robots be part of everyone's life". It is also a challenge, how to start from the consumer experience and combine many cutting-edge technology in together. Let service robots bring more convenience, efficiency and value, is the biggest driving force for the whole team to move forward.

SuperMow M680 is fully designed and developed by Taiwan startup, URSrobot. It is equipped with the world's first digital fence positioning technology. On the turf, M680 uses high-precision GNSS positioning combined with cloud AI to plan the best mowing path where other robotic lawn mower from existing brands still using boundary wire buried. At the same time, the robot’s working conditions, including the mowing path, time spent, and mowing dynamics, will be reported through the app to users simultaneously. So that the efficiency and flexibility of manpower arrangment will be better.

Not only that, even considering Taiwan’s climate, terrain, environment and population density, M680 overcomes the problems of high noise pollution and high labor costs caused by traditional gas lawn mowers. M680 also has functions for dynamic obstacle avoidance and low noise (60 decibels), low pollution, low labor cost, waterproof, anti-theft and so on. During the mowing process, the ultrasonic sensor can identify and avoid obstacles, maintaining a beautiful and consistent mowing length. It reduces cost on manpower, time, and maintenance. Thereby it will increase the utilization rate and satisfaction of lawns.

Due to population structure and living environment changes, the demand for automation and robot applications are gradually growing. For example, medical care, shopping and retail, hotels and restaurants, home and personal applications show big opportunities to all robot companies worldwide. In the coming future,  5G, AI and service robot applications will become key technologies to all kinds of industry.