URSROBOT INC. is a creative company
concentrating on service robots development,
our team comprises a group of people
with passion and vitality to life.
Because we adore what we have,
we hope to create a world living with "smart" gadgets.
Then here we are, URSROBOT INC.

Our mission is to provide impressive experiences in using service robots,
with a total solution combining products and services.
Let service robot be part of your life!


Meet Management Team

URSROBOT Inc. wishes to provide the most useful service robot solution. 

Let service robots be part of your life.


Stephen Chen

Service robot makes technologies for useful applications in daily life.

Technology + Service = Better life


Thomas Wu

"Drop, Mow & Go" is the future of the landscaping industry.

Robot partners redefine value of labor.

VP of Growth

Gabe Foo


Taiwan HQ:  Taipei City

Design, Development, Manufacture, Operation, Sales, Marketing

USA Office:  San Jose, CA

Sales, Marketing, Operation, Customer Service